Jonathan Beer Photography


Show Business - Making a house a home

Show Business style and furnish show homes. Their choice of props literally makes a house a home.

Creative agency Dawn, tasked with communicating this through a series of print ads, visualised a selection of stylish items casting a shadow of the type of house they would be used in. Visualising is all very well, but we then had to find a way to bring it to life.

Huge credit needs to go to Gary Hesketh, Show Business' Senior Interior Stylist. Gary needed to find props that could not only be combined to create a shadow that would replicate Dawn's Creative Director David O’Hearns designs. But would also look great in their own right, and be in keeping with Show Business' signature style.

Shoot days were a huge amount of fun as we arranged, rearranged and re-rearranged our props to create the desired effect. The whole team was keen to keep the images as 'in camera' as possible, so I used a mixture of tungsten and flash to give me independent control of the shadow and the lighting on the props, and all the shadows are completely real. Can you spot which props are making the various parts of each house silhouette?

Jonathan Beer