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Do you remember 'meeting' the careers advisor at school?

They would look at your studies and hobbies, then tell you what profession you would be suited to...

When I was little I liked to paint and build Airfix planes. I would paint the hidden internal parts too, before sealing them inside never to be seen again.

A few years later I asked my mum and dad to buy me a technical drawing board for my birthday. So I could make isometric drawings of stuff. For fun.

At school, my favourite subjects were Art, Physics and Design Communication.

As a teenager I was into electronics, I was particularly proud of my neat soldering. I had a better Hi-Fi than my parents because I had the patience to fix broken components.

I still like to take stuff apart to see how it works.

I love second hand record shops. My first record was 'Killer Queen'. I don't listen to it anymore, but it's filed under Q in the rock section of my collection. I mostly listen to house music now. That has its own section too.

After school I was due to start an aeronautical engineering degree. At the last minute I decided to study photography instead.

I was lucky enough to assist many fantastic photographers, covering many different disciplines. But I became hooked on the challenge of making everyday objects look great.

"You can't polish a turd" one photographer told me. I beg to differ.

...My name is Jonathan and I'm perfectly suited to still life photography.